Classroom Closet

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Classroom Closet. However, given the current need for social distancing and remote learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ACE has shifted its efforts, and we have suspended the Classroom Closet until further notice.

As we continue our work in the community, we are now focused on ensuring that students and educators have the resources they need to conduct life in a remote learning environment. Please be sure to check back periodically for updates about the Classroom Closet and other programs sponsored by ACE.

Stay safe and be well!

Who We Are

Classroom Closet supports public, charter, and private schools in Alamance County by providing resources and supplies to teachers. After an annual membership fee, teachers can shop 4 times a year, once each nine weeks.

What We Do 

We know teachers dip into their own pockets to supplement their students’ needs. By providing the Classroom Closet, we can do our part in preparing each student for the competitive world they face in and out of the classroom.

How You Can Help

ACE has the ability, with the support from the community, to directly affect our schools in Alamance County. Supply drives, monetary donations and volunteer hours can positively impact our goals at Classroom Closet. The majority of our supplies come from the generosity of people like you.

2018-2019 Statistics

260 Alamance County teacher visits
$25,000 in supplies distributed to Alamance County teachers 

Information for Teachers

Who Qualifies?

Full-time classroom and specials teachers (PE, ESL, EC, art, media, music, speech, and technology) who teach with ABSS, Alamance County Charter or Private Schools. Please note that the following positions within schools do not qualify for memberships: school psychologist, social workers, guidance, nurses, assistants or administrators. The annual membership fee is $30 per teacher, per year,

What Can I Get?

The online Classroom Closet is stocked with basic school supplies. Most items in the online store are new. There are items that have been donated in limited supply. We focus on keeping the essential supplies stocked on the website, such as pencils, pens, notebook paper, spiral notebooks, crayons, erasers, glue, markers, scissors, copy paper, and more. Once a quarter, teachers can visit our “Open House”. This is a visit to the physical stockroom to pick up any oddities or “non-essential” supplies such as STEM materials, books, or whiteboards. 

Become a Member

Once the Classroom Closet is able to resume normal operations, you can apply online by visiting to purchase your membership and to fill out the membership form. There are detailed instructions on how to do so on the site. We look forward to helping you keep your classroom stocked!

Note: Teachers must agree to write a thank you note to a donor each nine weeks. Many teachers substitute this with student-made letters. Donors are vital to keeping our shelves stocked and they love to hear how they’re making an impact!