About ACE

In April of 2005, a group of Alamance County citizens came together as a “task force” to raise awareness and promote the then “current needs” of our public school system. Some of the issues that caused concern back then still remain today. They include absenteeism, the drop-out rate, lack of teacher resources, and overcrowded schools.

At Alamance Citizens for Education (ACE), we want to help bridge the gap between needs in the schools and resources in the community by offering support to educators. It is our aim to be a catalyst for the community, working together to promote academic achievement in all our classrooms.

ACE operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a voluntary board of directors.  We rely 100% on donations and grants from businesses and individuals in the community.

ribbon cutting


Our vision is that Alamance County citizens place a high value on our public school system and are committed to the academic success of all students.


The mission of ACE is to strengthen community support for quality public education in Alamance County.


Our goals are to:

  • build public awareness of educational needs, issues, and initiatives.
  • support teachers.
  • showcase student accomplishments.